As the story unfolds, this section will expand with more main characters,
some secondary and guests.


Zhal Sha Lem
Zhal Sha Lem

50 Kalends, 2,46 M, 341 KG, Tiger Leonar
Sha Lem Master, Stonemason, Herbalist, Zoologist

He's the youngest of the masters at the Sha Lem house. With Úniko, they're Galen's best friends and who taught him the arts of war... And try focusing on having a good mood on life. He'll always rather look forward on a civilized discussion instead of fighting without quarrel, but when all dialogue extinguishes, Zhal turns into a lethal weapon with a dance of horrifying beauty. He complies with Sha Lem's monastic norms, but he can break some without hesitation if it can help someone by it.

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