Songs of Vhaldaria is a compilation of comics that were printed on black and white in 2010. Here are all the comics that appeared on it, some in color.

The oldest of Vhaldarian narrations were saved by songs that were passed from generation to generation, thanks to the tender voice of our mothers. Since always, femines kept the tradition to preserve on their songs numerous tales and legends that marked their daily lives on the known worrld of Vhaldaria.


Make Way To The Captain

Drawing: Da2p (Peru) - Script: Emunah (Colombia) & Da2p (Peru)


The Little Great Master

Drawing: Goliat Gladius (Spain) - Script: Emunah (Colombia)


Our Promise

Drawing: Braford (Argentina) - Script: Emunah (Colombia)


How Telvon and Mirar Met (non-canon)

Script & Drawing: Alex Rome (Spain)


Spider-cat (non-canon)

Script & Drawing: Alex Rome (Spain)


Life Will Tell You Tomorrow

Drawing: Anhes (Argentina) - Color: Ale Miranda (Peru) - Script: Da2p (Peru)

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