A mantle, of different shades of green, covers the mountains and plains of the old world of Vhaldaria. Their leafy forests and bright meadows shelter and feed different sentient creatures, from which Vhaldari are noticeable. This agrarian civilization, bequeathed from the four millenary protoempires, has prospered in harmony with their paradisiac surroundings.

Nonetheless, every paradise has a place under the shadows, something the trees worked hard to cover, hiding them from the curious eyes the answers to questions which explain the origins of this culture.

Galen, a stubborn lion with huge strength, Úniko, a horse with mysterious blue mane, and Zhal, a gracious tiger of virtuous mastery on the arts of war, live different adventures on this tropical garden of abundance and mystery.

This is the map of the known world of Vhaldaria. While the website and comics are progressing, the map will be uncovered.

Patreons and commissioners can help to uncover the map faster!

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