These videogame projects were thought as a nice way of presenting the environment of the protagonists on the comment. Currently, as we don’t count with a specialized team for it, the games development goes on depending on the commissions and the webcomic.
Captain’s Log book Genre: Beat-em-up, Platformer Graphics: Pixelart Join Galen on looking after the city and their surroundings, discovering the mysteries of The Old World of Vhaldaria. The game consists of short missions that varies on difficulty, type and number of enemies, time attack, and others to test your skills with scenic elements so Galen can accomplish his mission. Project State: On halt, looking for funds.
The Four Jewels Genre: Visual Novel Graphics: Illustration Help on Mel’Andrea’s nightwatch playing as Palgrey, one of the city guardians. The Flower Festival is about to begin, and all guardians are being dispatched to take on visitors of the manor. The captain asks you to “take action” over an accident that happened on the village, in which two younglings lost their life. Project State: In development (5%)
Luso’s Revenge Genre: Graphic Adventure Graphics: Pixelart An adult gay game on which you plays as the mischevious Luso as he wants to play some tricks on Galen. It has a simple mechanic and it will only be available to mature audience on patreon. Project State: In development (20%)
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