I’m Da2p. I have a Technical Illustration degree at the old Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Zaragoza, Spain. At that time, I published my first comic between me and other artists, which was called Utopia. I participated on some school projects and three years later after graduating, I started a graphic design shop. This one worked since 2007 until 2013. After that, I tried to look for better offers abroad, traveling to Perú with the mindset of making a digital billboards company that lasted six years. Starting from 2018, I focused on drawing commissions professionally and as a “battle artist” I do illustrations to little clients. Although Mitzakan characters have been published on paper, called “Songs of Vhaldaria” in 2009, these characters were accompanying me and transforming throughout my life. The very first ideas date from 1992! My objective, now, is to work completely on Galen’s stories and his friends’, as well as the world where they live in the form of comics, videogames and, if everything goes well, animations. I hope you like it! If you want to contact me, you can do it at my mail da2p@mitzakan.com or by any of my social media.
The Programmer – patron
Here I’m Luso, but I’m also known as Invisablerunes, and I’m the main investor of this project. I contributed some ideas for comics alongside my characters. I studied Software Development in Ireland and my knowledge on the matter has made me, also, the programmer of the videogames that are on development about the universe of Mitzakan.
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