THE THREE TOWERS OF Mel'Andrea These are the main protagonists of these stories. This trio of friends joins not only to party, but also to fight, and that’s why they are well recognized on the city of Mel’Andrea, because of their protection and help on hard times.
Galen Dhaelos 51 Kalends, 2,55 M, 390 kg, Lion Leonar Captain, Lumberjack, Stonemason, Farmer The planification of Mel’Andrea’s protection falls over his shoulders. He was elected by the Pair Council for this job due his notorious justice sense, and not just because his physical strength. That’s the reasoning behind being looked like a target to defeat and his bad mood doesn’t help on winning the hearts of the people. Knowing his strength, he’s rowdy and hardly ever escapes from a chance of showing off on combat or displaying his muscles. Sometimes, he is a bit naïve.
Zhal Sha Lem 50 Kalends, 2,46 M, 341 kg, Tiger Leonar Sha Lem Master, Stonemason, Herbalist, Zoologist He’s the youngest of the masters at the Sha Lem House. With Úniko, they’re Galen’s best friends and who taught him the Arts of War… and try focusing on having a good mood on life. He’ll always rather look forward on a civilized discussion instead of fighting without quarrel, but when all dialog extinguishes, Zhal transform on a lethal weapon with a dance of horrifying beauty. He complies with Sha Lem’s monastic norms, but he can break some without hesitation if it can help someone by it.
Uniko Miwel 53 Kalends, 2,65 M, 402 kg, Bovinar Horse (?) Chef, Guardian, Saloonkeeper, Hunter, Miner Tall, foul-mouthed and horny, celebrates his uniqueness on a world that his race is out of the realm of imagination. The only thing he knows about his past is the horn that decorates his forehead and a ring forged with Alilandan rust which was left with him when he was just a foal. Exiled, he arrived on Mel’Andrea after the Vantusi Empire fell and chose to stay, on his words, “only to mess with Galen”. He learned to be an organized chef that manages one of the four main taverns on the city, but his peculiar way of fighting gave him fame of being a formidable warrior.
As the story unfolds, this section will expand with more main characters, some secondary and guests.
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